Applications for biosolvent

Applications for biosolvent

Paint strippers

Graffiti removers


Release agents

Bio lubricants

Intumesce paints

Coil coatings

Machinery cleaning

Industrial detergency

Car cleaning

Success Stories

machinery cleaning

Case History n. 1

ASTROBIO™ NS3, DS and NS6 are used for polymeric membranes prepration.

In particular, ASTROBIO™ DS, NS3 and NS6 are really a great and a green alternatives to NMP, DMF or DMAC when it comes to the production of fluropolymer membranes for micro-, nano- and ultrafiltration with standard techniques (NIPS and VIPS).

Nowadays,  ASTROBIO™ solvents can be used for this kind of purpose, gaining a sharp improvement of workers health protection (no reprotoxicity).

Case History n. 2

ASTROBIO™ XT is used in the formulation of technical and aesthetic coatings for the automotive industry.

Among others application, we discovered that ASTROBIO™ XT is really a great and a green alternative to xylene when it comes to to the production of special paints for artificial leather refinishing.

Nowadays, some of our European clients are using ASTROBIO™ XT in this kind of application, improving labelling of the final product and getting rid of the classicals petrochemicals solvents, enhancing the ecotoxicological profile of their final formulations and their bio- based content.

Case History n. 3

ASTROBIO™ BC2 is already used in the production of household and professional detergent as a butyl glycol replacement.

Among other applications, ASTROBIO™ BC2 is really a great and a green alternative to butyl glycol in the formulation of several household and professional detergents.

Nowadays, several of our customers are using ASTROBIO™ BC2 in this kind of applications sharply improving working conditions and security for their employees and consumers, respecting local and European authorities obligations and improving labelling of their final formulations.

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