Applications for biosolvent

Applications for biosolvent

Paint strippers

Graffiti removers


Release agents

Bio lubricants

Intumesce paints

Coil coatings

Machinery cleaning

Industrial detergency

Car cleaning

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machinery cleaning

Case History n. 1

ASTROBIO™ AP is effective as a green cleaning solvent for polyesters.

ASTROBIO™ AP is used by several of our clients for cleaning applications.

In particular, ASTROBIO™ AP is really a great and a green alternative to NMP (N Methyl-2-pyrrolidone) when it comes to removing polyesters residues after polymerization reaction in industrial plants.

Nowadays, several of our clients are using ASTROBIO™ AP for this kind of purpose, gaining a sharp improvement of workers health protection and being able to reduce solvent consumption due to the high solvency power of our ASTROBIO™ AP towards certain kinds of saturated and unsaturated polyesters.

Case History n. 2

ASTROBIO™ SR is used in the production of novel bio-based lubricants.

ASTROBIO™ SR is already used by some of our costumers in the automotive industry.

Among others application, we discovered that ASTROBIO™ SR is really a great and a green alternative to some grades of white spirits (i.e. dearomatized paraffins D60) when it comes to diluting the base of a lubricant.

Nowadays, some of our European clients are using ASTROBIO™ SR in this kind of application, improving labelling of the final product and getting rid of the classicals petrochemicals solvents, enhancing the ecotoxicological profile of their final formulations and their bio- based content.

The use of ASTROBIO™ SR is particularly recommended when the base of the lubricant also comes from renewable sources or comes from green chemical processes. This combination makes it possible to obtain a final product that is really 100% renewable and has a truly green toxicological and eco-toxicological profile.

Case History n. 3

ASTROBIO™ XT is already used in the production of intumescent paints.

ASTROBIO™ XT is currently used by several of our European clients in paints and coatings industry.

ASTROBIO™ XT is really a great and a green alternative to Xylene in the formulation of several paints and coatings, in particular you can get outstanding results in your formulation of intumescent paints with our ASTROBIO™ XT.

Nowadays, several of our customers are using ASTROBIO™ XT in this kind of applications to replace Xylene, sharply improving working conditions and security for their employees, respecting local and European authorities obligations and improving labelling of their final formulations.

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