The Power of Biosolvents: Live From Eurocoat 2016

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Dear Colleagues & Friends, our Biosolvents have really collected a great interest at Eurocoat Fair in Paris.  

Our stand was very crowded and we received so many visits that we were very flattered.  We noticed that, finally, people started to understand some of the advantages of bio-based alternatives to the traditional “commodities” solvents.

Any consumers, any end-users can have very different motivations and added values in order to shift from a petroleum solvent to a Biosolvent, as it may be “degradability of solvents”, “hazard reduction” and so on.

All the most toxic and harmful solvents can be substituted and replaced by our products, and it is always important to remind that all our Biosolvents are just irritant. 

Live From Eurocoat 2016:

Our mission at Eurocoat was to provide to the industry, mainly to the coatings one, some bio-based alternatives to petrochemicals solvents.

It’s well known that now many raw materials are available from the fermentation of carbohydrates, then from vegetables, rather than from petroleum. On these new generation raw materials we have developed, and we are still developing, our range of biosolvents Astrobio™.

We know that you’ve probably been very busy and maybe you haven’t got time to come to Eurocoat show in Paris, so we decided to record our Euroclip conference and make it available here on our blog.

You will find the full video here below, hoping that you will appreciate it.

Full video of Renato Giani Speech at Eurocoat Paris 2016


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