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This video is about Astrobio™ Case History on the usage of Astrobio DS, Astrobio PA, aAstrobio™ XT on coil coating applications.


This video is about Viscosity as a function of concentration of Astrobio™ BA and Astrobio™XT

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The Power of Biosolvents: Live From Eurocoat 2016

Our mission at Eurocoat 2016 was to provide to the industry, mainly to the coatings one, some bio-based alternatives to petrochemicals solvents. It’s well known that now many raw materials are available from fermentation of carbohydrates, then from vegetables, rather than from petroleum. On these new generation raw materials we have developed, and we are still developing, our range of biosolvents Astrobio™.

How Can You Find If A Product Is Renewable And Sustainable?

More and more often we hear of renewability and sustainability. These two concepts go hand in hand with the development of new technologies especially related to new sources of energy. When we talk about a product, how can we find out if it really is renewable and sustainable? As usual, the answer is not simple. In this article I will try to tell you why.

What is Green Chemistry?

When we hear about green chemistry a real debate opens that generates a lot of confusion. It happens for several reasons, the first one is that the “green” adjective is increasingly fashionable and inflated, the second one is that many times a confusion is generated being “green” a synonym for “not dangerous” “ecological “” natural “. In this article I’ll explain how to distinguish green chemistry from the traditional one.

What Have In Common Solvents And Eternit?

How many products have changed in our present activities, in comparison with those used by our grand-parents? Let think about how many of them have been recognized as dangerous or even carcinogenic is it the same for solvents ? Let discover it in this article.

How To Replace Acetone With Astrobio K1

On the basis of our expertise on bio-based solvents, we have developed and we are distributing ourAstroBio™ K 1 as an efficient replacement of acetone for many applications.

Our product doesn’t contain ketones, but, as all our products, is largely based on molecules coming from the fermentation of carbohydrates contained in vegetal kingdom.

Growing Restrictions On Petrochemical Solvents Use

At present no national laws of general enforcing value are forbidding usage of petrochemical solvents, even if toxic. For example, in no country, a national law is totally forbidding usage of toluene.

But some important restrictions to the use of several petrochemicals solvents are growing more and more in some remarkable manufacturing markets.

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