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ASTROBIO™ VG: a powerful and safer naphta replacement for industrial heavy duty degreasing operations. – Copy

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A simple solution to a complex problem: naphta replacement.

This is what I am talking about: naptha replacement for high perfomance cleaning operations.

If you are a production, a manteinance or an HSE manager of a chemical processing plant or in the mining industry, I am sure you have to face everyday with many toxic and harmful chemicals.

It’s almost certain you are concerned about the health of your subordinates, workers who have to be in daily contact with these substances.

There are currently no major alternatives to these chemicals to keep running your core business, but I’d like to reveal a secret to you though.

It doesn’t have to be the same for cleaning and maintenance operations of your plants and machineries.

Have you ever wondered how to perform your company’s cleaning and degreasing operations with a safer product?

Getting rid of gasoil, kerosene or naphta hydrocarbons as cleaning solvents for your production plants it’s not an issue anymore.

Our scientists have developed a brand new naphta replacement (btw it’s not labelled, plant-derived and readily biodegradable) for high perfomance cleaning and degreasing operations: ASTROBIO™ VG.

ASTROBIO™ VG Key features.

ASTROBIO™ VG is able to rapidly dissolve many kinds of soils like greases, lubricants, tar, bitumen, asphalt, heavy hydrocarbons, and combustion residues.

Our naphta replacement is also not flammable (very high flashpoint > 160°C) so it can be used for cleaning operations on hot surfaces (like the ones you can find in glass or steel foundries).

This is getting interesting, don’t you agree?

But let’s talk about something that can make you also spare some money.

At the end of the day what is matter is the functionality.

You can make yourself an idea of the functionality of ASTROBIO™ VG, our naphta replacement, wachting this video here below.

One of our distributors has tried the product to remove a very sticky and difficult bitumen stain from a really porous surface like concrete.

Video is currently under editing

As you can see, ASTROBIO™ VG is a very powerful bio-based solvent with a high boiling point and a very low volatility.

It means that our naphta replacement can lead to a reduced solvent consupmtion cause you don’t lose any molecules due to evaporation rate in normal atmosferic conditions.

In other words, it can be used in smaller quantities than gasoil, kerosene or naphta with same cleaning and degreasing effects.

Just to make some examples, ASTROBIO™ VG is already used, with outstanding results, for cleaning and manteinance operations in the following industries:

  • chemical processing plants (particularly in bitumen and asphalt production plants),
  • paving machines manteinance,
  • gas production plants,
  • off-shore drilling platforms (RIG wash),
  • glass and steel foundries,
  • refineries (pipe line cleaning),
  • mining industry,
  • in wood processing industry as an odourless slip agent and sawing lubricant.

Yes, ASTROBIO™ VG is also almost odourless.

Headache complaints from workers who are used to solvents such as naphtha, kerosene or gasoil on a daily basis will be just an old memory.

One last thing to say: ASTROBIO™ VG is water rinsable leaving a clean residue free surface.

It forms a slightly white emulsion when mixed with water.

Fortunatly, the emulsion is not so stable, so if you leave the solution in a decanter or you make it pass through your oil-water separator it will be very simple to recycle water used for cleaning operations.

You can find some key physical data about our naphta replacement (i.e. ASTROBIO™ VG) in the table here below.

Flashpoint164° CEN 3679
RER (BuOAc)0,00Calculated
Vap. pressure (20° C)0,005 kPaCalculated
Boiling point> 330° C
CFPP– 12° CEN 14214
ASTROBIO™ VG key features

If you are looking for a bio-based solvent that does not form an emulsion with water, but has the same properties of ASTROBIO™ VG you may want to take a look at our ASTROBIO™ G4.

ASTROBIO™ VG health and environmental benefits.

ASTROBIO™ VG formulation is completely free of:

  • harzadous or toxic substances,
  • ozone depleting chemicals (ODC),
  • environmental hazardous ingredients and
  • harzadous air pollutants.

As all our products, it was designed without halogens, aromatics, paraffinics or terpenics compounds.

It means that our naphta replacement is really safe to use for humans and does not cause any harms to animals, plants and natural microrganisms as well.

This is certified by its GHS classification. You will see no pictograms or hazard statements in its MSDS.

It’s also readily biodegradable. If there’s a leak in natural enviroment it will be biodegraded very quickly (> 85% w/w in a 10 day window).

Finally, you can find here below compared labelling of VG, naphta and kerone just to give pictures to our brief talk.

ASTROBIO™ VG labelling: no hazard statements, no pictograms.
NAPHTA labelling (CAS 8030-30-6) GHS08: health hazard. H304: May be fatal if swallowed and enters airways; H340: May cause genetic defects;
H350: May cause cancer (source ECHA)
KEROSENE labelling (CAS 8008-20-6) GHS08: health hazard. H304: May be fatal if swallowed and enters airways (source ECHA)

Which one you think it’s best for your company?

And which one you think it’s the best for your emplyees?

Many companies around EU, and oversea too, had already abandoned the use of such dangerous chemicals for the sake of their workers and environment.

Why don’t you try a sample of ASTROBIO™ VG, our heavy duty, bio-based naphta replacement?

Click on the button below to request a sample!

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