Growing Restrictions On Petrochemical Solvents Use

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At present no national law of general enforcing value is forbidding the usage of petrochemical solvents, even if toxic.

For example, in no country, national law is totally forbidding the usage of toluene (CAS n.: 108-88-3).

Anyway, some important restrictions on the use of several petrochemicals solvents are growing more and more in some remarkable manufacturing markets. 

In these cases, the driving force is not a generalistic regulation coming from the top, but forcing requirements imposed from downward markets.

The most known are the following:

  • Food packagings (EU Regulation 10/2011)
  • Products for textile and leather industry (see ZDHC roadmap: Zero Discharge Hazardous Chemicals)
  • Paints for children toys (EU Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC)
  • Swiss Ordinance for Articles of Daily Use (EDI, 16.12.2016)

Some further is going to be put in evidence very soon, as limitations on use of solvents containing aromatics in thinners and cleaners for consumers’ markets (DIY).

On the basis of our know-how and expertise of more than 12 years in R&D and production of bio-based solvents, we are already distributing many solvents who are enabling customers to fulfil these new requirements.

Among them, just as examples :

  • AstroBio™ K 2 as a replacement for MEK
  • AstroBio™ K 3 as a replacement for MIBK
  • AstroBio™ XT as a replacement for toluene and xylene
  • AstroBio™ NS as a replacement for NMP and NEP

No one of our solvents contains neither ketones nor aromatic hydrocarbons.

All of them are classified just as an irritant.

Why don’t you test them?

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