For many public contracts, growing attention is placed from authorities on the use of less hazardous cleaning systems or solvents in comparison with commodities ones.

As an example, in Italy, national law is in force that is assuring better classification values to those companies who are committing themselves to use greener chemicals in their cleaning activities, instead of well known hazardous petrochemical commodities

Moreover, some chemicals showing certain pictograms or risk phrases are now totally forbidden

A typical example is a usage of NMP ( N-Methyl Pyrrolidone ) that is showing in its SDS 2 pictograms


and 4 risk phrases:

  • H 315  Causes skin irritation
  • H 318  Causes serious eye irritation
  • H 335      May cause respiratory irritation
  • H 360D    May damage the unborn child.

On the other hand, a substitute of NMP, NEP ( N-Ethyl Pyrrolidone ) SDS has 2 pictograms

and 3 risk phrases

  • H 227   Combustible liquid
  • H 318   Causes serious eye damage
  • H 360   May damage the unborn child. Suspected of damaging fertility.

Many companies now, in Italy and abroad, are using our AstroBio™ NS that has proven to have the same efficiency than NMP and NEP and is showing just 1 pictogram and the only risk phrase H335: May cause respiratory irritation.

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