D-limonene ( CAS 138-86-3 ) is a well-known ingredient, not only in cosmetics field but also in industrial and household cleaners, having a very strong degreasing power.

In last years this chemical has been largely penalized for two reasons.

Its MSDS at present has 3 pictograms:

and following 5 risk phrases:

  • H 226  Flammable liquid and vapour
  • H 304   May be fatal if swallowed and enter airways
  • H 315  Causes eyes irritation
  • H 317   May cause an allergic skin reaction
  • H 410  Very toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects

while in the past D-limonene was considered a soft and useful chemical.

As the second, its international price and availability are largely dependent on results of orange harvests in Florida and in some further areas of the world. Price range is very wide and sudden shortages of this chemical are well known to all operators of the field.

On the basis of our expertise on bio-based solvents, we have developed and we are distributing now our:

Astrobio SD8 is as an efficient replacement of d-limonene for many applications.

Our products don’t contain terpenes, but, like all our products, is based on molecules coming from the fermentation of carbohydrates contained in the vegetal kingdom.

For many applications, its degreasing power has been proved to be comparable to d-limonene one and, what is very important, its price is very stable, without significant fluctuations, being not dependent on orange harvests. Products have the same availability during the whole year and from a year to the other.

Furthermore, even for oils locally used as degreasers, as so-called Orange Oils ( or Orangen Oel, quite diffused in German-speaking markets ) our AstroBio SD 8 has proven to be a very good replacement, having just 2 pictograms

and the following 3 risk phrases

  • H 318 Causes serious eye damage
  • H 335 May cause respiratory irritation
  • EUH 066 Repeated exposure may cause skin dryness or cracking.
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