Acetone is a well-known solvent very widely used for many applications.

Acetone Formula

Largest ones are all cleaning operations on every type of industrial machinery or materials.

On the basis of our expertise on bio-based solvents, we have developed and we are distributing ourAstroBio™ K 1 as an efficient replacement of acetone for many applications.

Our product doesn’t contain ketones, but, as all our products, is largely based on molecules coming from the fermentation of carbohydrates contained in vegetal kingdom.

For many applications, its degreasing power has been proved to be comparable and even superior to acetone one.

Among its physical parameters, what is very remarkable is the flash point of our AstroBio™ K 1. Being + 4°C, it is 21°Celsius higher than acetone. ( – 17°C ), with a great benefit on the safety of storage and handling.

Moreover, AstroBio™ K 1 price is very stable, not depending on crude oil fluctuations.

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